Women’s Cozy & Stylish Thanksgiving Ensemble


As a “work-at-home” mom, I hate to admit that I am most often in yoga pants and sneakers… I am a designer and therefore a seamstress, so between sketching, fitting and measuring clients, working at the dress form, pattern drafting, sitting at the sewing machines, steaming and pressing… AND chasing my 15 month old around the house while simultaneously making sure my 5 year old makes it to school, dance and gymnastics, I really don’t have much room in my life for any restricting shoes or garments… which unfortunately for me, are always the cutest ones!  As a result, I like to think about and plan my outfits for holidays and special occasions in advance, these days are the days I feel like my pre-mom, all-about-me self, you know, when I actually get myself ready, hair, make-up, nails… which if you’re a mom, you know, these days are essential to our mental health!!  So with keeping in mind, I will still be running around after a 15 month old, I have put together a practical yet fashionable look for the holiday!… And as always, I will be ordering online so Amazon prime 2 day shipping and free returns (in case I don’t like the quality or fit) are essential to my plans so I tend to dig through that site first!

The thumbnail here shows “beige” but in my outfit collage I show what they call “WHITE” which to me appears a bit cream which is the look I am going for. All the colors offered are great for Fall and for the Holiday Season but I do want to point out, the thumbnail they call “brown” which appears to be Olive green, looks like a different cut & knit pattern completely (meaning, an entirely different sweater) so I’d stay away from that color!

Again, disregard the thumbnail color!  The color shown in the outfit collage is “H.jp0076 Dk Wash”

Once again, the color in the thumbnail is not the color in the Outfit Collage, the color shown in the collage is “Cognac”

 This thumbnail has no choice but to be the correct color! 🙂  OPI Bogata Blackberry has been a favorite nail polish shade of mine for YEARS!  It’s gorgeous on both hands and feet, definitely a staple Fall color of mine!!

 A nice statement ring is a great way to accessorize a big comfy sweater! Especially where the one in this outfit has a higher, full neck, a necklace or statement earrings would be cumbersome and uncomfortable and a bracelet would be hidden.  I like the simplicity of the design of this ring while keeping it large enough to be a statement piece. Win, win!

As I mentioned above, a statement earring would be cumbersome with the neck of this particular sweater but that doesn’t mean your ears should be naked!!  Add this 14k Love Knot stud!!

Here is a link to a sterling silver plated with yellow gold version of the earring if you don’t think you’d wear these enough to spend the money for the 14k version!

 And for both fashion and practical reasons, you NEED a handbag!  This Aldo bag is also color “COGNAC” a perfect compliment to the boots!  And large enough for me to throw in a couple diapers and package of wipes for the baby!

Now that you’re dressed, don’t forget to coordinate your outerwear to match!! Check out my Coat list HERE!!

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