3 Natural Fresh-out-of-the-shower routine products!

A critical part of any look is your beauty & hygiene.  No matter how cute your outfit is, if you stink or have on clown make-up it doesn’t matter.  So today I want to start tackling some of the staple products I’ve come to love!

1. Let’s begin with MOISTURIZING your FACE! So important to your daily routine, prevent those wrinkles and crows-feet!

First, start with this all natural toner, no toxins, just healthy and beneficial to your skin!!

Use this before you apply the actual moisture to help keep your pores clean & hydrated, increasing elasticity of your skin which will help your skin absorb your moisturizer better!  It also helps removes excess oils & improves your PH balance! And therefore help prevent wrinkles & crowsfeet!!

 Next, Moisturize!!!

I am someone who tries my hardest to stick with anything Organic & natural that WORKS!!  I admit, it’s hard!! So I am forever trying products & reading ingredient labels. Lately I’ve been a big fan of this facial moisturizer, organic & works great!! I have heard some great reviews from others about it as well (feel free to check the review section on this purchase link)  Anyone who gives it a try please let me know if you love it too!!! 🙂

Bonus* Make sure you use these products after you have cleansed your face with this all natural cleanser!

All of these are by Christina Moss Naturals who I cam across during a google search and decided to give it a try, I have to say I am impressed and so happy to no longer worry about what chemicals I am willingly soaking into my skin.

2. Body Moisturizer

For the rest of your body, I find you can’t go wrong with Aveeno!!  This one has an easy pump bottle and is inexpensive & effective!! Aveeno has been a trusted natural product for years, before it was trendy & before the public was really as aware as they are now of the extensive toxins in our everyday products.  They use an oatmeal base and this moisturizer moisturizes for 24 hours!!! Perfect for busy Mom’s and busy people lucky to get a chance to moisturize at all during a day!!

3. Ok, onto Deodorant!


This one was the most challenging to find an effective & natural product but I’m so happy to report that PiperWai works BETTER than ANY deodorant I have ever tried!! EVER.  And it’s 100% natural!! I stocked up on this stuff back when I found it!!

UPDATE: As of yesterday they released a Stick Applicator but it’s currently only available for pre-order… I will update when I am able to test it out!!! But in the meantime, even having to use my fingers to apply this is easy, quick and like I said, WORKS!!! I can’t rave about this product enough!


Before you use THESE products I’ve just listed, I hope you used these Natural Shower Products !!!



*As I continue to test & discover more effective NATURAL products I will add to this list so be sure to Subscribe!!! In the meantime be sure to check out my list of essential products for busy moms & working girls HERE!!

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