It’s getting cold, time to bundle up with these 5 fashionable coats & jackets!

It’s now that time of year (for most of us) where we need a coat to walk out the front door and like you, I’m not a fan of compromising style due to the weather so I feel it’s necessary to post some cute & practical winter coats!!

(As always, simply click the image and you will be directed to where the coat can be purchased! Easy, one-stop-shop!)

 I’m a big fan of this coat because it is Down (which means it’s warm!) and it is long enough to cover your behind (another important factor when trying to stay warm) BUT it is also adorable! A great casual coat to wear with jeans & boots!!

orolay-green Bonus: Zipper pockets!! 🙂

NOTE: This coat is available in GREEN, BLACK, BEIGE, and GRAY!

 Ok so it may be considered “basic” in a meme but The North Face never disappoints! Quality, warmth & style!  This coat is shorter so won’t feel to0 bulky while you’re wearing it or carrying it through a mall or somewhere indoors where it’s too hot to keep on your body.  This style features a hood which is important to me because the faux fur trim adds that winter look to the garment (and is also removable if you want a more polished look) but mostly because hoods are a necessity when you’re freezing at the bus stop or shoveling the deck!!

NOTE: This particular style (as most North Face jackets) come is a variety of new colors!

I’m currently trying to decide between these three!!

Ok up next is this casual jacket!

 I like this one for days that aren’t too cold or for times you simply just don’t want to wear a bulky coat.  It’s made of a polyester & cotton blend so it’s cozy (like a thick sweatshirt)  The asymmetrical zipper adds a bit of flare & that cozy, wrapped  feeling to this piece! Great to throw on over you’re favorite athleisure wear!

Now onto a staple piece every girl should have in her wardrobe…
 A wool coat.  This double breasted Anne Klein coat is a great coat to have when it’s cold and you’re going out for dinner or going to work or really any where with a more business, business casual environment!… You don’t want to walk into a fancy dinner wearing that first down coat I posted do you?  Wear is open for a looser look or closed for a fitted more sleek appearance.

NOTE: this style is available is BLACK, CAMEL, CHARCOAL and RED

For an even more formal look, ditch the wool & go with this fashion forward Cashmere coat!

NOTE: available in PINK, RED, BLACK and CAMEL

You can’t go wrong with any of these options so whichever style is more YOU be sure to grab before they are out of your size and STAY WARM!

Now that you’re warm, make sure the little girl in you life is also fashionably warm HERE!

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