Football Sunday staple Looks!

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NOTE: Some links have been modified & differ from the original “Outfit Collage” due to product availability!

No matter what team you root for, or even if you don’t ACTUALLY watch the game 😉 it’s ALWAYS fun & appropriate to dress festively!  So of course, in honor of Sunday football, here are some stylish NFL apparel pieces for the occasion!!

<~CLICK photo for purchase link!

<~ CLICK photo for purchase link!

Let’s start with an Infinity Scarf! This accessory is PERFECT because you can use it as an accent piece and turn ANY outfit into a festive look simply just with this!  Just put this with a pair of jeans & a white/red/navy/gray shirt and gray boots! Scarves always have a way of adding a touch of style to any outfit and if you’re a football fan reading this blog, then this is definitely for YOU!

And if you’re reading this and really not the biggest fan, but attending a party or even a game but don’t want to FULLY commit to being asked about player statistics & the latest injury report at the bar later you can remove it!!

And OF COURSE if you’re not a New England fan, click the link and choose YOUR team 🙂

 Here is another accent piece you can buy on it’s own and pair with jeans & a white/red/navy/gray shirt & boots!  You can also add the scarf to this to complete the look and still be festive if you remove the hoodie!!

 For a simpler look, that doesn’t necessarily have to be layered, you can’t go wrong with this long sleeved T-shirt.

Again, pair with jeans & white sneakers or boots!


COLOR: “Jp0081_dk” is the color shown in the outfit collage! Paired with the boots below!

 Pair this style jean with the sneaker below!

NOTE: I’m NEVER a fan of navy & black paired together so please, no yoga pants with the navy shirt!  If you want to wear black yoga pants or leggings choose this outfit below instead:

with this scarf

And because us girls LOVE a good quality (non-see-through) legging, we love our LuLu Lemons:

 Pair this style pant & the skinny jean with:

Pair this style pant & the boot cut jean with:

Now that you’re dressed, if you’re heading out, DON’T FORGET TO BUNDLE UP!  Check out the coat guide HERE!!

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