5 Little Girl Dress Coats for the Holidays!


There is nothing worse than getting all dressed up & then realizing you HAVE TO wear a coat because it’s so cold but you didn’t plan for this and now you are forced to throw on a casual puffy jacket in order to step outside… Now, when you walk into the holiday party the first impression you give off is puffy and cold even though you just spent so much time and effort on your outfit you are wearing underneath! Ugh.

Welp, same applies to little girls.  And honestly, dress coats, for me, are a favorite part of dressing up my daughter.  It reminds me of the coats my Nonna used to make sure my sister, cousins & I had every winter growing up.  I always felt like the look was complete and everything coordinated when I had my coat, sometimes hat & gloves on!  And as soon as we walked into the party we were met with “ouus & ahhs” and endless compliments… Now my daughter receives the same 🙂

Every holiday is like a fashion show in my eyes!

So here are 5 Dress Coats to complete your holiday look!

1. A (faux) Fur cape!  This is a perfect addition to a holiday look because it provides warmth while still showing the bottom portion of the dress so being outside doesn’t compromise style, it actually enhances it!

Note: this is offered in both WHITE & IVORY

2. Next is an actual (faux) Fur coat complete with crystal buttons!  Adding that bit of luxury to your little ones style!


 <-(this photo is the purchase link)

3. This is more of a classic, timeless look.  A double breasted wool coat.  This one features a high collar with an adorable bow accent!

<~ LINK to purchase

This style is offered in three colors! DARK RED (shown) BLACK (shown on link) and RED

4. This next one is a favorite of mine!  This faux Cashmere coat is another classic and clean look but the collar turning into a bow gives it a more high fashion feel!


This one is offered in PRISM PINK, GREY and DAZZLING BLUE

5. This coat is a faux Wool coat with black velvet bow accents on the pockets & a black velvet collar giving it a polished look and perfect for those black patent leather shoes we like to dress our daughters up in over the holidays!

This particular style also completes the look with a matching hat!


Another Faux Wool coat complete with hat but in a less traditionally Holiday color. This style is only offered in PINK!

And if you’re curious about those black Patent leather shoes I mentioned with Coat #5, here are a couple links here:

Mini Melissa Girls Mini Ultragirl Sweet II Lighted Mary Jane, Blush, 8 M US Toddler

Now that you have the coat, pick from my THANKSGIVING inspired complete outfits (including more shoe options) for your little girl to wear HERE!

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