6 Essential Beauty Products for busy Mom’s & Working Girls!

As life gets busy we have little time to pamper ourselves.  Whether you are busy taking care of the children and their appearance or busy rushing into a meeting at work you still need to look presentable, more than presentable, we want to look GOOD!

Here are 6 essential beauty products to help us look GOOD even when we are on the move!

1. Up first, DRY SHAMPOO!

There are many different brands of dry shampoo available, I recommend this Aguage spray in, fast & easy to apply with great results!  Dry shampoo is not only great for giving your greasy roots a pick-me-up but it also helps to give volume! So be sure to spray this on before giving your hair that slight tease and this will help enhance and hold the volume throughout the day!

2. Next, EOS lip balm!

This lip balm is 100% natural! Paraben-free & Petrolatum free!  Which as you may know from my other posts, I do TRY to stay as natural as I can is this crazy world of marketed chemicals.  It’s not always easy but I find an effective, natural product I tend to stick with it & will always share that with you!

EOS has many flavors & you are probably used to seeing this product in the “egg” shaped applicator (which I have many of) I posted the think to the new slimmer applicator because it fits more easily in your purse or pocket when you’re on go!  I have either the slim on or an egg one somewhere in every room of my house & in the car, this product is the product I can’t live without. I apply every morning & every night before bed and my lips are always safely moisturized!

My favorite flavor is MINT, I do love the POMEGRANATE & the VANILLA as well. My daughter of course likes the pink, egg shaped one so she has that in her room!

3. Piper Wai.

I have blogged about this deodorant before, I LOVE it.  I really can’t express how effective it is as a deodorant, you need to just try it for yourself, it is truly amazing how it stops you from sweating & more importantly, smelling!!!  And the most important part about this is that it is 100% natural!!! Aluminum free!!! Which is a huge concern knowing what we know about the connections between aluminum laced deodorants & breast cancer.  Protect yourself & give this product a try!

4. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

It doesn’t get quicker to apply than this!  This is a fast go-to product to even out your skin tones & even cover blemishes quickly & efficiently.  I use it everyday!

 <~Purchase Link

5. MAC Eyebrow Pencil

In an era where the eyebrows are so dominantly IN, you’d be foolish to not give your own brows the attention they deserve!! This self-sharpening crayon Brow pencil is not only fast and easy to apply, it leaves a more natural looking brow than some other Brow products on the market.  You can apply it and simply leave it as is or you can use a blending brush to blend further but that step is not 100% necessary.  There have been many days when I just draw it on quickly and dash out the door!

I have dark brows & use color “STRUT” but to be sure which color to get you can visit your local MAC store or MAC counter.  Once you know your color it’s simple to re-order online & have it arrive at your door!  I always have a backup one of these in my drawer because it’s hard to tell when your “last click” will be! (the pencil clicks as you turn it to self sharpen)

If you know your color, this photo below is a link to Amazon for all of you PRIME members to utilize your accounts!

6.  ALMAY Liquid Eyeliner

This has been an essential item personally for me for well over a decade!  While I do admit the formula isn’t quite the quality it was 10 years ago, it still surpasses many other brands I have tried.

Almay liquid eyeliner is easy to evenly apply (if you’re not familiar with liquid liner, you may need to practice a few times in order to call it easy) but if you mess up, it’s just as easy to remove with a wet Q-tip or even a baby wipe!! (that’s the mom in me, using baby wipes for everything!)  That being said, it lasts ALL DAY! I apply in the morning and it is still perfectly intact at night.  It is quick drying so you don’t have keep yours eyes closed after applying in fear of stamping it up to your upper lid.  And with our busy schedules that is IMPORTANT!!!  I use BLACK but Almay does make other colors if you’re more of a brown liner girl!

BONUS: The link I’ve included below is a GREAT deal on Amazon for 3 eyeliners, the price will likely change so click to see what the current price is & to utilize the free shipping!

For more of my favorite beauty products, check out these “3 Natural Fresh-Out-Of-the-Shower Routine Products” where I talk more about Piperwai & other natural products to try!!  I intend to add to this list as I continue to find effective, natural products so be sure to Subscribe!!


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