5 of My Favorite Dance Apparel & Accessories for my Little Dancer

The inspiration for today’s post is simple.  My daughter has outgrown her tap shoes and I need to order a new pair.  So I thought, I’m sure some of my readers are mothers to little dancers and I should of course share my favorite dance products with my them!

I grew up a dancer. I started when I was 4 and never stopped.  I was in the studio 5 days a week preparing for Competitions & Recitals up until I graduated High School & moved away for College.  I started assisting my teachers as a teaching assistant in High School & taught my own dance classes when I was 17 years old.  I took a break while I attended college (for Fashion) but always came back and learned a number or 2 in the week before the year-end recital and performed as Alumni in the show.  When I graduated college I added a class or two or EIGHT into my pre-children life schedule & taught ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop & acro classes for about 10+ years.  I continued to teach as my daughter showed interest and a love for dance and I just recently stopped teaching last year with the birth of my son.  Yet I am still in the studio for at least 4 hours each week while my daughter takes class!  As the year goes on and costume orders come in, I will surely find myself in the studio more as I schedule costume fittings for both custom-made costumes & for alterations to mass produced costumes. (I am a designer and therefore a seamstress)

So now that I have established my knowledge & credibility when it comes to dance wear let me share my knowledge on the products & brands I rely on when shopping for my 5 year old daughter!

1. Today I purchased these Capezio Tap shoes for my own daughter:

I ordered my daughter WHITE ones because her tap costume this year will require white on stage, but they come in BLACK PATENT or CARAMEL color depending on what your studio or costume requires.

I like these particular shoes because they are well-made (Capezio is a great brand) and they come with the tie which some teachers like BUT also have an elastic strap underneath that removable shoelace for a cleaner look if thats what the dancer or teacher or costume requires.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO SEW YOUR OWN ELASTIC THROUGH THE GROMMET HOLES!!!! As I’m sure some of you “dance moms” have had to do before!!

2. I also purchased this Long-Sleeve Leotard:

As winter approaches it is cold for the girls as they enter the studio to warm up so a long-sleeve leotard is a great way to warm the muscles and help keep them warm! (this is also the reason dancers wear tights!) I bought this Danskin (another great, well-received and well-know dance brand) leotard in BLACK for my daughter as black is our studios preference.  It is also offered in WHITE, RED, KELLY GREEN, PURPLE, PETAL PINK & THEATRICAL PINK!!! Many options to choose from for your dancer!

If you are having trouble finding the size you need or want a different color,

Another great one (that we already own in which is why I didn’t purchase today we are in the studio a lot so we have quite the leotard collection!) is this Long Sleeve Capezio.  Which has a couple more color options including LIGHT BLUE, NAVY, NUDE & MAROON

3. Revolution Ballet Shoes

As far as ballet slippers go, my favorite little girl ballet shoe is made by Revolution.  They are leather with a split sole which makes it easier for the dancer to point her toes and when they are small and just learning how and what pointed their toes/feet feels like, it’s important not to have on a shoe that would fight their efforts and make it more difficult for them to achieve those beautiful ballerina feet!

Another favorite part about these particular ballet slippers is that they come with the elastic strap already sewn in (SCORE! as some leave it for you to attach)

But my absolute favorite part about this style shoe is that they don’t have that annoying elastic string that looks like a nicely tied bow on the top!!! In reality, that nicely tied bow you see in photos of those styles NEVER stay tied!!! I would spend half the class with kids asking me, multiple times, to tie their ballet shoe!!!  Most times I’d tell the mother to cut them off but in some styles that elastic bow serves as a way to tighten the top of the shoe and if you cut it, the shoe becomes too loose so we are left TRYING to tie it in a strong enough knot to hopefully keep it snug.  These Revolution ballet shoes simple do not have that annoyance!! The top of the shoe has an elastic binding to keep the shoe snug which not only saves us mom’s & dance teachers the aggravation but it also adds for a nice clean look!!

BONUS: I also recommend Revolutions Jazz shoe for the same great split sole even in t’s smallest sizes!


You can’t go wrong with Capezio!  They offer many shades & colors & many styles: Footed, stirrup, footless, convertible, full body, whatever you need! I recommend footed for your small dancer!

There is a trend in the Competitive Dance world happening right now where dancers have ditched their tights… I personally, I am not the biggest fan of this trend for a couple of reasons:  Tights help to warm & keep the muscles warm while dancing in a cool studio or waiting for your turn to go across the floor or to take the stage, this is important to help prevent injury of pulling a muscle.  My next reason is that I always looked at tights as sort of make-up for your legs.  It makes your legs smooth and clean looking much in the same effect as applying foundation or cover-up to your face would.  It also gives dancers a sense of comfort, of feeling covered & less exposed while they are in those small, form fitting costumes & leotards & dance outfits moving & stretching across the studio or stage.

Your studio or teacher may or may not want tights, all of the studios I work with, still wear tights so I am willing to believe it will be a part of your daughters ensemble!

5. Dance Sweater

Body Wrappers Long Sleeve Wrap Sweater, Light Pink, 4-6

Even with a long sleeve leotard and especially with a short sleeve or tank leotard, it is always cold first thing walking into the studio so a great & stylish way to stay warm before and during the warm up is with a wrap sweater that is easy to remove as soon as your dancer is warm!  This sweater is thing and therefore comfortable to dance in, it won’t be in the dancers way what-so-ever!  And let’s be honest, it’s adorable!!

Body Wrappers is a great brand for dance wear and this particular sweater is offered in LIGHT PINK, BLACK and LIGHT BLUE!

Thank you for checking out my list!  I will continue to add to this list as I fall in love with products so be sure to Subscribe to this blog!! 😀

In the meantime if you’d like to continue shopping for your little girl, check out this post 3 complete Thanksgiving Outfits & hurry up and order her THANKSGIVING outfit while you still have time to receive it before the holiday!!!

NOTE: The links on this page go to Amazon where I always seem to find the best price.  (and as a busy Mom I do most, if not all, of my shopping online so I try to utilize the free 2-day shipping with my Amazon PRIME as often as I possibly can!)

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