5 Adorable Christmas Eve Pajamas for Siblings & the Whole Family!


It was always a tradition in my house that on Christmas Eve my mother would give us a present before getting ready for bed… that present was ALWAYS Christmas pajamas!  It was always fun going to bed & waiting for Santa in a new pair of festive pjs & even more fun looking back on Christmas morning home videos & photos seeing us all in appropriate Christmas morning attire!

So to make sure YOU and YOUR FAMILY are fully prepared this Holiday season here are 5 of my favorite Holiday Pajamas!! (as always, complete with purchase links!)

The following links offer sizes from infants to adults AS WELL AS dog/cat handkerchief & even DOLL sizes!!!

1. Traditional Red & Green mix & match striped pants with a solid shirt

This style is great because it is offered from infant sizes to adult mens sizes!  The striped pants keep it festive and the solid shirt makes it not so gimmicky on an adult (which means no complaints from Dad!)

2. Full Striped Set

This style is the style my Children wore last year!  My 5 month old (at the time) son wore the red striped set & my 4 year old daughter wore the green stripes! xmas-pjs

This one MAY be a harder sell with Dad but more often than not, Dad is so into the Holiday spirit, he doesn’t seem to mind!!

3. Traditional Flannel

These remind me of the one’s my mom used to get for us!  Traditional button up flannel for the adults & cozy two piece sets sans annoying buttons for the kids!!

4. Less Traditional Footie PJs!

If you aren’t new to this PJ tradition & are maybe a bit tired of the kids looking the same in the Christmas morning photos because they always have on red & green pajamas, this is a PERFECT option to break it up!  These footed pajamas are adorable & comfy and a nice neutral color to still look perfect in photos & not clash with the tree & Christmas decor!

5. Holiday Print

Another option you can use to switch things up a bit is to choose a Holiday Print!  This Gingerbread print is adorable for the kids & comes with a solid top for the adults, again, so as not to make the adults TOO gimmicky!!

Now that you have the Holiday pajamas, be sure to make sure your daughter has the perfect Dress Coat to wear on Christmas day to the Holiday Dinner! Click HERE to see the latest & most adorable & practical options!!

*NOTE: The links on this page go to Amazon where I always seem to find the best price.  (and as a busy Mom I do most, if not all, of my shopping online so I try to utilize the free 2-day shipping with my Amazon PRIME as often as I possibly can!)

If you don’t have Amazon Prime click this link to try a FREE 30 day trial!!

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All of that being said, the prices on these and all items I’ve shared can change so check them out now!!

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