5 Adorable Outfits for Baby Boys!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the adorable little girl clothes so I decided to make a post about how adorable little boys clothes actually are!

When I had my son I was actually really, really surprised with how much I LOVED dressing up a baby boy!  With my daughter I would custom make her outfits & rhinestone her shoes & accessories so I really wasn’t expecting I’d be able to have that same amount of excitement with my son… but to my surprise I really, really did!!  Little boy outfits are just as precious as the little frilly little girl ones so I’ve put together this list of my favorites currently available online!!!

(Oh & I did manage to custom make my son some fun, custom outfits too… of course his Christening outfit but that’s expected… for his first Halloween I made him a “Beast” costume… and of course I made my daughter a “Belle” gown… His second Halloween I made him an Aladdin costume… And my daughter was of course, Princess Jasmine 🙂 !!)

Ok now let’s get to the outfits you can currently get for your little boy:

1. Casual, CUTE & Comfortable

This little hoodie set is a great one for baby! Cute & Comfortable! The contrasting print with solid adds that extra style for your little one!

Easy pull on & off pants for quick diaper changes and it’s available in two color options! The GREY&BLUE shown in the link above & SKYBLUE shown in the photo below!


2. Sticking with Comfort

I am the kind of person who believes “Beauty is Pain” LOL ok, that sounds bad but my point is that I would sacrifice comfort for style myself… that is BEFORE I became a mother, now my fashion decision both for myself & for my children are based on comfort & convenience FIRST.  I can’t believe I just said that.  SO this means I am ALWAYS looking for style in those comfortable staple pieces which brings me to this sweatshirt:

Clever & Adorable. Love.  It is currently available is BLACK/gray and GREEN/yellow!

Pair this with some Baby Levi’s in color GLARE (I prefer this style with the inner waistband for a more comforting & secure fit as well as the fact that the gray waistband compliments the BLACK/gray sweatshirt)

And some BLACK New Balance sneakers & baby boy is ready to go!

3. Nautica Zip-Up Hoddie set

This outfit is perfect because it comes as a set!  Zip-up Hoodies are my favorite during the cold season because they are easy to get on & off & the contrasting color is a great compliment to the striped shirt!

This Nautica outfit is offered in 4 Color Stories: ORANGE (as shown in the link above)

GREEN, RED ROUGE & SPORT NAVY (as shown in the photos below!)

4. Adidas Iconic Warm-ups

It’s actually called the “Iconic Tricot Pant Set”  But no matter what you call it, this is an absolute favorite of mine for a little boy!!!

It’s comfortable, stylish and adorable on my little guy!  Adidas offers it in a wide variety of colors but the link I’ve included above included BLACK (shown) GRAY & NAVY.

My son is currently rocking the GRAY one!

And of course DO NOT FORGET to pair this with Adidas Iconic Sneakers!!

Currently available in Toddler sizes in Black/White/Black (as shown in the link) Black/Black/Black and White/Black/White

Available is wide variety of colors for Little Kids 4-8 years also available in the above link!

5. Dress Clothes

Of course there are times (like Holidays, right around the corner) where your little man will need to look nice, he needs a nice dress up outfit to compliment his sisters Holiday dress!  Or maybe he just needs to look spiffy to WOW all of the extended family!!  This outfit is a great & practical option for him! Again, it’s a whole outfit in one listing from Nautica, complete with a Tie, snazzy vest & creased & cuffed pants!! It doesn’t get much more adorable than that, his whole holiday outfit, done!

Well, almost done, don’t forget he needs shoes!  There are many cute dress shoe options for toddlers & young boys available but I recommend this style listed below for two reasons, ONE: I love the style, it’s clean and sleek and TWO: it has a strap to open up the shoe & get it on the child’s foot.  You need to think of these basic things when you’re dressing a toddler!  Trying to tie dress laces or trying to jam on a slide on dress shoe is not a fun task while trying to rush out of the house on your way to a Holiday dinner!

Now that your baby boy is dressed, be sure to check out these options for your little girl HERE !!

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