6 Pairs of Women’s Slippers every woman will Love!

‘Tis the season for giving!  An easy & simple go-to gift is a pair of slippers! (I know I get a pair every year 🙂 and I genuinely LOVE them!)

Even the top-notch quality slippers get worn down with wear which is why I look forward to my new pair every winter and it’s an easy gift for my Husband & children to give that they know I will love!

SO let me share with you some great slippers whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, you can not go wrong with these!

1. UGG Cluggette

These are my personal favorite.  I love a slipper I can just quickly slide on, lined with sheepskin & that has a real sole incase I need to run outside… or don’t have time to change my shoes before running out to catch the school bus!

Anyone who owns UGG boots knows how comfortable & well made they are, same applies to their slippers!

This style us currently available in colors BLACK (shown in above link)

CHESTNUT and SAND (as shown in the photos below)

The link I’ve included above is an Amazon link and is a GREAT price right now, the lowest I’ve EVER found so if you’re planning on buying these for yourself, your sister, your mother, your wife, your daughter, WHOEVER, grab them now before the price jumps back up!!

2. UGG Cozy Double Diamond Holiday Box

Again, because UGGs are my favorite slipper I wanted to feature another style I am a big fan of.  The Double Diamond slipper is another slide slipper but the upper of the shoe ends before your heel. (As opposed to the Cluggette which continues the length of the shoe.)  This really is just a comfort preference and really doesn’t make much difference if you are trying to decide between the two it really comes down to your aesthetic!

The Double Diamond design is a unique & beautiful design & this style is offered in a wider and more vibrant range of colors!

The color shown in the link above is PEARL, also available in this link is BLACK, NIGHT SKY & LONLEY HEARTS as shown in the photos below!

3. UGG Dakota Double Diamond

Sometimes you’d rather a full “moccasin” style slipper thats easy to throw on and just as easy to run to the store or to the dance studio or gymnastics practice in (can you tell I spend a lot of time at dance & gymnastics with my daughter? LOL)

This is a very cute and updated version that I do think is perfect for any age!  The satin ribbon detail does give it a bit of a girly & youthful flare though and makes  it a perfect option if you’re shopping for a teen or tween!

This style is offered in FRESHWATER PEARL (as shown in the link above) and BLACK as shown in the photo below!


4. UGG Ansley Suede Slipper

This one is an absolute favorite of mine because not only is it comfortable, well-made, cute, easy to put on, outdoor wearable and dance studio/gymnastics gym wearable BUT it comes is SO MANY SHADES & COLORS!!!!

The link above is color: CACTUS FLOWER but this link will take you to a WIDE range of colors & styles in this listing, some are limited so check the link now to see if they still have your size in your favorite print or shade.  The photos below are some examples of additional colors & styles in the listing!

5. Vonmay Fleece lined slip-on Indoor Slipper

If you are looking for an indoor slipper that is equally cozy & much less costly, I’d recommend these!  They are cozy & have a durable sole if you suddenly do need to run out to catch the mail man while wearing them… They won’t have the same longevity as the UGGs will but for the price, you could buy these 3 times a year if you had to! (the price is subject to change and will probably jump back up when the Black Friday sales conclude)

These are offered in three colors: GRAY (as shown in the link above) CAMEL & BLACK

6. Minnetonka Cally Faux Fur Slipper

If you are looking for a true Moccasin, you can’t go wrong with Minnetonka!  This is a great quality slipper lined with faux fur and a true Moccasin style with a durable sole! A great middle priced option!

Currently available in about 13 different color-ways ALL in the link above!!!

Ok, now that I’ve posted all of these, I need to decide which style & color to tell my family I want this year!! 😀

If you are looking for something small to add to this gift check out this LIST of Essential Beauty products, any of these would compliment the slipper gift very nicely be equally gratifying for your loved one!!


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