5 Winter Coats for Little Boys

My son is growing faster than I can keep up with and he is in need of a new winter coat.  So here are my favorite finds currently available to keep our little boys warm & stylish this winter!

1. Under Armour Boys’ Feature Puffer Jacket

I like this style because it is a quilted sewn “puffy” jacket, without all the bulk! Easy to throw on when I’m rushing to get my daughter to the bus stop but need to make sure my 16 month old is bundled up over his pajamas as I drag him outside with us! Which is also one of the reasons I need a jacket with a hood!

Available in ULTRA BLUE (as shown in the link above) as well as BLACK and GRAPHITE HEATHER (as shown in the photos below)

BONUS* This style is also available in these vibrant, traditionally Little Girl colors:

FUEL GREEN, VIOLET STORM, PINK CHROMA (as shown in the photos below)

2. Diesel Boys’ Wool Pea Coat with Bubble Back Panel

This may be my favorite.  I am always such a fan of little boys in Pea Coats, it’s obviously a more dressy look but I find it to be sophisticated and a sophisticated toddler is comical and therefore adorable!  This particular Pea Coat by Diesel has all of that sophistication in the front (as you see in the link above) but brings in the casual, youth feeling in the Bubbled Back panel (as shown in the below photos)  The lining provides extra warmth for your little one and this is a perfect coat to wear to dinner or to a holiday party!

3. The North Face Little Boys’ Toddler REVERSIBLE Thermoball Hoodie

This style is similar to the Under Armour I featured above, sharing all of the same benefits but bringing one more HUGE one, this jacket is REVERSIBLE (as you probably learned in the heading lol!!)  This normally isn’t a huge deal for older kids or for adults but for a toddler, especially a rugged male toddler who likes to get dirty… this feature is major!  Now, of course if they get their jacket dirty you can just simply wash it bit there is not always time to wash and most often “hang” or “lay flat to dry” a jacket in between uses on a given day… so in these cases, if you owned this jacket you could just wipe the mess, flip it and worry about the stain later that night when the kid is in bed!  Essentially two jackets in one!!

The color shown in the link above is JAKE BLUE, the reverse of this color is shown in the photo below:


This style is available in a wide variety of both girl & boy colors!!  Many featured in the link above!! 🙂

4. Carhartt Little Boys’ Active Jacket

How adorable is this!! This is for all the little boys who watch their daddy’s head out to work outside in the cold all winter… more often than not, I am sure they are wearing a Carhartt jacket.  These are so warm & so durable!! Perfect for your little construction man!!!

5. Dickies Boys’ Sherpa Lined Duck Jacket

Much like the Carhartt, Dickies is the other brand your Construction Man may be wearing off to work in the winter and therefore the kind your little man may want!  Another very warm & durable coat but unlike the Carhartt,  this Dickies style is lined with warm Sherpa for a soft comfy feel!

This style is offered in BLACK (as shown in the link above) or TIMBER and CAMO NEW CONCEAL (as shown in the photos below)



BONUS*  My son wore these little booties all winter long last year (he was 5-8 months old so not yet walking) And I love them, they are adorable, warm & easy to get on their little feet… ugh I wish he could still wear these!!!


Now that your little boy is bundled up, be sure to check out these Dress coats to make sure your little princess is fashionably warm for the holidays HERE!!

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