The Basic Christmas List for Young, Adult Moms… and non-moms too!

giftlistStuck on what your wife, or girlfriend or adult daughter may want this Holiday season?  Here you go!!  Click the photo to be directed to the purchase links! You’re welcome!

1. Jewelry. ALWAYS!

Women LOVE jewelry.  You can NEVER go wrong with jewelry, the challenge is finding the right piece that she will LOVE!

Mom’s love flaunting around their children’s name or initials, it’s a stylish, meaningful way to keep the kids close to their hearts while they are at school or at dance… or right there, tugging at Mom’s leg while they try to drink their coffee in piece…  Non-mom’s love jewelry too but they may appreciate their own name, or own initials… or a diamond 😉 wink wink.

There are a few ways to achieve this sentimental gift that will gain you so many brownie points!

Children’s Initials:

Children’s Names:

Children’s Birthstones:

Can’t decide? Choose a combo piece!!! Name/Inital & Birthstone!!:

2. Designer Handbags.

Another item you can NEVER go wrong with!! Especially for a mom.  I find many moms, like myself, used to LOVE updating her handbag collection, always knew which bag was next on their “bag list” and had goals of when and how to purchase such handbag.  As soon as you become a mother, these items are no longer a priority and you buy your baby UGGs instead! 🙂  Trust me, the woman in your life still longs for those handbags but at this phase in her life, the only way she is updating her collection is if it is given to her as a GIFT.  So help her out.  Here are some options from low-high budget that she will surly be excited about!

(Click the image to check current price as they are subject to change)



NOTE: All of these styles are shown in black as black is a great winter/holiday and everyday staple color.  When you click the links, other colors ARE available if you think she has too much black or likes to carry a vibrant bag!





3. Athleisure Wear

Athleisure wear is basically CUTE gym clothes that has taken over fashion.  Which means they are comfortable & stylish & perfect for a Mom on the go and she will be overjoyed to open some that you have carefully picked out for her!! (if you aren’t sure of her size, go check her drawer, I’m sure she has some yoga pants & sports bras or tank tops in there!)

The above Athleisure links are all by designer Trina Turk, whom I am a HUGE fan of.  I had the privilege of meeting her while I was in college (for fashion) and she was so sweet and such an inspiring designer that I am always overjoyed when I genuinely LOVE her designs. Great quality, great designs & not ones you tend to see often, they aren’t “over-worn” where everyone and their mother has the same garments on so your wife will be sure to rake in compliments with these!!

4. Boots (Uggs)

Women LOVE shoes, and this time of year, we love BOOTS!! We do tend to enjoy shopping for them ourselves, we like to be able to try them on and feel how they fit.  There is ONE kind of boot we know how they fit… UGGS.  And we like to update our UGGS from year to year so imagine the joy your wife will feel when she sees a pair YOU picked for her! If you are unsure of her size… go look in an existing pair in her closet! Click HERE!! for my detailed list of 7 style UGGS we love!!


5. Slippers

Ok, I know this one doesn’t sound too exciting, seems a bit like a cop-out gift… but it’s not if you get the RIGHT slipper.  I personally look forward to my new pair of slippers each December, I know they are coming, and I love it that my family chooses the color and style for me.  And I wear them anytime I am home… so I need new ones every year, your wife probably does too! HERE is a detailed list of the 6 best slippers to get!!!


I will add to this list as new ideas come to mind so be sure to sign up for My go to Stylist email alerts & never miss a list!!!


Thanks for reading!!

I think you now have some great ideas to help you get started on your holiday shopping!!! Get to it!!


Happy Shopping!!!

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