My Favorite All Natural Shower Products!

I am always trying to update my beauty products & beauty routine to incorporate more Natural, Organic products & reduce the amount of toxins exposed to myself & family.  It’s a hard and on-going battle with so many products out there, some are great, some are ineffective, some are trusted and then are bought by big corporations & toxins are secretly back in these “organic” products without the consumers knowledge… So you THINK you are buying natural products… Ugh.  It’s tough.  As I update my products at home, I will update them for you here!

Here are the current natural Shower products I am using!

1. Shampoo & Conditioner


I came across this while I was searching for natural products & was happy to give this a try when I saw “hair loss prevention”  As every mother experiences, after your baby is born, all the luxurious hair you kept in your head via hormones & prenatal vitamins during pregnancy suddenly falls out in clumps.  It’s a normal and a natural occurrence but that doesn’t make it any less frightening to see and no matter what, you think are loosing much more than you should be… you’re probably not.

Long story short, TRY THIS!!  I don’t know if it’s my daily Kale smoothies or this product, but I rarely notice any hair loss anymore, of course I still shed but it’s so minimal I never take much notice of it!!

If I try a new natural shampoo I will compare it here, but right now I am still owkring through this one!!

2. Face Wash

I have been using Christina Moss Naturals Organic Face wash (and after the shower I use their Toner & facial moisturizer)

I find success with this natural product, it cleanses my face & make-up well & my skin feels refreshed.  I take comfort in knowing it’s organic & I am not soaking toxins into my pores!!  No complaints!!

3. Exfoliant

This is current exfoliator I am using.  It can also be used as a face mask but with a 16 month old… I don’t have the luxury of sitting in a face mask so I use it in the shower as an exfoliant & I like it! I can feel it cleansing my pores and removing excess dirt & dry skin!

4. Body Wash

Ok, I admit, I do use Dove bar soap often, I like it… but it does bother me that there are ingredients in it that I can not pronounce or I have to look up… I mean, it’s not that bad, there are worse things, but I decided I should look for an all natural, organic body wash & give it a try.  I found this & I really like it!!! It doesn’t smell horribly like I expected, it smells good!! It lathers great & my skin feels great after!

If you liked this list of natural products, be sure to check out your next step with my list of Natural After Shower Products !!

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