High End Designer Bags Up to 25% off!!

If you know me at all, you know Handbags are my favorite.  For me, they come before shoes so I am always lusting over the latest designs or the classic, staple designs that are just simply too high of a price point to own without proper preparation…  For those bags, 25% off is HUGE!!! And the holiday season is typically the season to get away with spending a tad bit more on a handbag… So here is a list of High End Designers, currently listed at discounted rates!!!… Act fast, the prices will soon jump back up!!!


You can never go wrong with Gucci.  Admittedly, one of my favorites for handbags, they are timeless, never go out of style or off trend.  ALL of the styles listed below have reduced prices!! (currently, again, this is subject to change at any moment so if you’re thinking about it, click the photo , which is the link, and act fast!!)

Cross Body & Messenger Bags:



I feel the same way about Prada as I do about Gucci.  Prada bags are timeless and never off trend.  These bags contain a longevity about them and will be used for literally decades.  I know that sounds crazy but I purchased my first Prada bag as a Graduation gift for myself when I graduated High School in 2003!!! And I still have and more importantly still USE it!! No one would ever guess how long I have had that bag and when my daughter gets older, I will pass it down to her!!!  In fact, my daughter uses my lavender Prada backpack I bought as I was entering college as her dance bag… Quality craftsmanship & timeless designs!


Valentino is yet another quality & timeless investment!  These designs featured are a tad bit more on the trendy side than the Gucci & Prada styles but they still carry a longevity element about them and will certainly be worn for years to come! If you’re looking to add a Valentino to the collection you can not go wrong with these styles, especially at these discounted prices!! Don’t hesitate!

Happy Shopping!!  If you are looking for more gift ideas for yourself or a woman in your life be sure to check out my go-to styLIST of Basic Christmas gifts for young adult Moms.. and non-moms HERE!!

And be sure to share to your Facebook to drop those subtle hints to the gift-givers in your life!!! 😉

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