Gift Guide for your Little Gymnast!

If you have a little gymnast in your life, check out this list of items sure to excite them for any gift-giving occasion!!


1. At-Home Gym Equipment

If your little gymnast is anything like mine, I am sure she is always flipping off of your furniture & balancing on things she shouldn’t be… which is why at-home gym equipment is a godsend for us!  It’s much safer for them to be casting on an actual steady and stable bar, than off your countertops!

I often wonder how parents purchased such things before the big wide world of Amazon… luckily for us we don’t have to worry about it!

We decided on this Tumbl Trak Junior Pro Gymnastics Bar for our little gymnast.  It is stable without have tie purchase additional base extenders & adjustable so you can set it to the right height for your child!… And it comes in PINK, which is a big plus for my gymnast! (also available is BLUE)

It also fits over a standard 4×8 panel mat so you don’t need to purchase a custom mat if you already have one as most foldable mats are 4×8!
<~Click photo for purchase Link!

We had this mat at home already (her first piece of our home equipment) Ours is the Primary Rainbow color but it is now offered in MANY different colors to match any room or equipment you could want!!
<~Click photo for purchase Link!

UPDATE: I decided the folding 4×8 2″ thick panel mat wasn’t enough for me to feel comfortable with my daughter swinging around the bar so I purchased this 4×8 4″ thick folding mat for under the bar:

And I use the panel mat under her Balance Beam, or on its own for handstands & walkovers etc.

And of course, a balance beam! Every gymnast should have a home beam to steer them away from practicing pirouettes on the curb outside!
<~Click photo for purchase Link!

NOTE* ALL of these are available with PRIME!! Which means FREE shipping!! Which is important on purchases like these as a shipping charge could easily add $60-$100+ to your total!

If you don’t have prime but plan to sign up, do so before purchasing these as your Amazon Prime fee which includes SO MANY BENEFITS, also includes free shipping for a year for just about the same price you’d pay for one-time shipping on one of these!!!

And if you don’t use Amazon enough to want to order Prime, at least Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and still get the FREE shipping on these items!!!

2. Leotards, Leotards & Leotards!

With the many, many, many styles & brands continuously producing adorable leos in the cutest fabrics, your child can never have too many! They LOVE getting a new leotard, they grow fast & the more they have, the less time spent doing laundry or searching for that one leo that fits them the best because chances are more than one will fit them perfectly!

Many of America’s top gymnasts have teamed up with GK Elite and produced their own signature leotards… which every little gymnast wants!  Here are a few I found on Amazon for less expensive prices than on the GK site!

Click the photos above or links below for purchase Links!

Aly Raisman Tried & True Gymnastics Leotard – Red, White & Blue – Adult Extra Small

GK Gabby Douglas Midnight Shimmer Gymnastics Leotard – Blue – Adult Medium

And don’t forget the gym shorts by these top gymnasts!

If your daughter is tiny & still too small to ask for a specific gymnasts leotard, here are some less expensive and adorable options available in the mini sizes!! 🙂

My 5 year old daughter is currently all about the Disney line GK has just put out, she’s been specifically asking for the Rapunzel leo, I have to admit, I find them ADORABLE so she will be excited to open one of these!!… Maybe more than one, I am having a hard time ONLY buying the Tangled one… Ok definitely more than just one!

Oh, and don’t forget the shorts… she can wear these with a solid color leo when their Disney leo is dirty.. because you KNOW this one is going to be their favorite for a while!!

3. Leotards for their Doll

These are fun because it combines their love for gymnastics with their innocence of still being a child!  I love watching my daughter “coach” her doll & “bring her daughter to gymnastics class” And these are also Disney themed… you can never go wrong with anything princess & Disney themed!

Now that you have some Gift Ideas for the Gymnast side of your daughter be sure to check out my favorite Dance Apparel & Accessories for her Dancer side!!

And if you’re done shopping for the little one, take some time and browse for yourself (or for your wife if you happen to be a Dad shopping for your gymnast daughter right now, by the way, excellent job Dad!) in my Basic Christmas List for Young, Adult Moms… and Non-Moms too!

And if you REALLY feel like treating yourself (or your wife or any special woman in your life) check out this list~> High End Designer Bags Up to 25% Off!! and REALLY excite her Christmas morning!! 🙂

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