What to get Her for Valentines Day!

Yeah, yeah, yeah a Sappy Card, Roses & Chocolates, those go without saying… but really WOW her by adding any of the items from this list!!!

Here are some ideas SURE to impress and make your lady smile on Valentines Day!!!

1. Designer Handbag

If you’ve read any of my posts, ever, you’d know, I fully believe you can NEVER go wrong with a designer handbag.  NEVER.  Stay true to the Valentine theme & gift your lady a RED handbag this Valentines day!!!

(Click the image and be directed to the purchase links!!)

2. Jewelry, OF COURSE, Jewelry

Every woman loves a piece of jewelry, and a piece of jewelry gifted by someone she loves add a sentiment that makes the piece invaluable!  So when in doubt, buy jewelry!

If you are unsure WHAT kind to buy, here are some timeless pieces that will never go off trend!!

(Click the image and be directed to the purchase links!!)


Can you tell I LOVE Cushion Cut???

All of these designs are available in many stones, I show Rubys & Pink Sapphires to stay with the Valentine theme but THIS is your chance to earn extra brownie points & buy her her BIRTHSTONE!!! If you don’t know her birthstone check the list below… Please tell me you know her birthday.. at least her birth month!!??



3. Massage/Pedicure Gift Card

This is an easy way out… Not the MOST thoughtful gift, but always appreciated and always well received!! Just make sure you KNOW her favorite place to get a pedicure or a massage… they may not be the same place, do your research!! There’s nothing worse than receiving a pedicure gift card to a crappy place… it’s usually just money wasted.

You could PLAN a nice Couples Massage, which takes a bit of the “just a gift card” laziness out of it!!


If you haven’t found what you’re looking for here, check out these lists for even more gift ideas!!

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