Preparing for My 5 year old’s first Gymnastics meet!

My daughter joined her gym’s gymnastic team this year, she loves it and is so excited to perform at her first meet this weekend!  We went to our friend’s meet to watch and my little five year old is now counting down the days to her first try at it… Here are some products she keeps reminding me we “need” 🙂

1. “Butt Glue”

My daughter says I need to “buy the stuff that will pick my wedge for me so I don’t loose any points”  So here is some I found that is Prime Eligible!  It rolls on to hold her leo in place and simply washes off with water!!  It actually works & adds the bit of reassurance for your young gymnast!!

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NOTE: can also be used by us Mom’s if we dare wear a low cut shirt that needs to be held in place, these are the tricks of the red carpet celebs rarely talk about!

2. Hair Spray

Duh.  The hair needs to be clean and stay in place!  I like this Dove Hairspray, it holds but doesn’t feel too stiff and heavy.  And I try to stay clear of aerosol cans so I keep buying this one!

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3. Elastics

I like these no damage elastics for everyday and nice new strong ones for the day of the meet!  We can’t use bobbi pins like we do at dance so I use multiple elastics and literally tie her long hair in a knot to keep it snug & tight!

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4. Snap Clips

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I am sure if you have ever watch Gymnastics in the Olympics (and if you analyze wardrobe & construction of the garments & hair fastening & overall ensemble the way I do whether I am conscious of it or not) then you have surely noticed many gymnasts where these clips!  I remember wearing them not because I needed to hold any hair back but simply because I wanted to feel like I was Dominique Moceanu when I was a kid.  So unless you have time to braid your daughter’s hair in place before her meet, you may want to grab a pack of these in case of any fly- aways.  Now that I am grown I like to sort of “hide” them rather than have them be in your face so I try to match to my daughter’s hair color.

I will let you know how her meet goes & add to this list as I discover more items we need… really, right now, this post is all about that magic “wedgie picking” Butt Glue!! 😉


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