Some of My 5 year old’s Favorite Fashions

There are a few staple items I purchase yearly for Arianna (my 5 year old, because she outgrows them & we still love them!)

We’ve gotten many questions about where I get some her stuff so here are direct links of some of those products!!

1. Mini Melissa

We LOVE Mini Melissa!! Arianna wears these pretty much ALL summer long!! They are comfortable, water proof, well-made & easy to get on and off!!  These shoes do tend to be a bit pricey when it comes the “jellies” but for GOOD reason!!  NEVER purchase a knock-off version of these!!! They are stiff & will cut your little ones’ or your own feet!!!

These Silver ones are our go-to everyday shoe:

 <~CLICK photo for purchase link!

They are also offered in Bronze, Black & Gold!

And these Mickey & Minnie ones are her festive ones she only wears with certain outfits… and of course she wears these when we travel to Disney!!


<~CLICK photo for purchase link!

These are offered in RED, BLACK, FUCHSIA, LIGHT PINK & WHITE

Arianna currently wears the RED!


2. Her GRAY Classic UGGs

All winter, these are her most worn boots.  They are warm, easy to slide on & off & made well!  I always buy her gray ones because they are easiest to match with her casual clothes!

  <~CLICK photo for purchase link!

3. Her NorthFace Jacket

Ok, so this one has actually lasted her THREE years!!!  When we bought it, we bought it a bit big so she’d get two years out of it, but she is actually still wearing it this year!!!  Sometimes it really is worth the extra money to get a good quality & well made item.  In this case it paid off!!

 <~CLICK photo for purchase link!

4. Her winter hat made by ME!!! 


Arianna is alway modeling whatever I make her, most of the leotards you see her in (unless otherwise specified) I have made.  She enjoys helping to choose colors & fabrics & being a part of the design process! This winter hat she helped design & she loves it!! It is offered in a wide variety of color stories so there is surely one that will match your winter coat!!

 Winter Rose Beanie  <~ CLICK link for purchase info!

Thanks for reading!! I will be sure to post on Instagram as I add more products to this list!!!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Gymnast Gift & Product Guide!!

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