2017 Beauty Product List

I am always trying to update my beauty products for safer, cleaner, less toxic products.  This is an on-going challenge as I (like everyone else) have grown accustom to products I found to be good & effective, prior to learning how they are manufactured & engineered… and how unhealthy they can be for us.

Therefore my beauty bag is far from completely “clean” & holistic.. it’s a process & sometimes the chemical ridden products just work better and therefore outweigh the risks… beauty is pain right?  Ugh.  On my quest to try to be better about this, here are some application products I have found that I think are worth a try!!

1. Silicone make-up sponge & Beauty Blender

<~CLICK photo for purchase link!

Ok so this one I have seen everywhere on social media lately & thought DUH! What a great idea, of course we as woman love the idea of not wasting any makeup but more importantly, this seems MUCH more sanitary than the sponge beauty blenders!  I know, you’re supposed to clean those weekly right?  As a busy mom, I laugh at that.  Any time to myself will not be spent cleaning a sponge!  So typically those throw-away sponge packs would be a better option for me… but yes, the make-up becomes absorbed in them (of course, it is a SPONGE!)  So I usually use a brush to blend… which also needs to be cleaned more thoroughly so when I saw this, I had to try it!  So far, I like it, it seems to be a smoother application & you definitely do need significantly less make up!!  You do still need to clean it, but a quick rinse when you are done applying and you can see it is clean! No more worrying about what bacteria is growing inside the sponge blender!!

2. Vegan Make-up Sponge

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Vegan make-up sponge, whatever that means, but this one is latex-free & cruelty free… Made from non-latex foam to reduce allergies.  Do they use & harm animals in the other sponges!!???  Anyway, if you prefer the sponge, this one does work well, I like it.  And the fact that it is in fact, cruelty free is a plus right!!??

3. 22 Piece Vegan Brush Set

 <~CLICK photo for purchase link!

On that same note, here is a Vegan Brush set!! Inexpensive, works great & Vegan!! Add it to your collection!!


As I continue this quest, please, please feel free to reach out with products you have found success with!!!

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