Random Current Products

This list is a quick list of products that are currently in my Amazon cart or recently ordered… because online ordering & two day shipping is the way of life… so I figured I’d share!

1. DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo

As a mom of 2, let’s be honest, I do not wash or style my hair everyday… This product is a quick lifesaver!!! I’ve tried a few brands and thus far, this is my favorite, easy application, minimal residue and it gives your hair enough volume & life that sometimes I use it even when my hair isn’t necessarily dirty!

2. Burt’s Bees Organic Pajama Set

I love these. They are comfy, natural, well made and inexpensive! Who knew that combo even existed anymore!!?? My kids have these in neutral colors but I will be sure to order the red & white option for the Holidays!

3. “Flippy” (as my daughter calls it) Pillow case!

Right now my 6 year old is all about these shirts that have “flippy” sequence on them. So naturally I figured I should surprise her with a pillow!! These are fun and relaxing for adults to play with too, it is just sequence with contrasting colors on either side so when you brush it up one way it’s one color and when you brush it down, another!

4. Sorel Women’s Tivoli II Snow Boot

I have posted these boots before, the tall version which I bought last year and LOVE!!
 (I have the black, click to photo for more colors!)

I’m such a fan of these that this year I decided I should get a short pair for those moments I need to quickly run outside to the school bus or when I have a pair of pants on that may hang over the outside of the boot rather than be tucked in… and of course this color-story sold me!!! I LOVE the olive green with the hot pink accent. Sold! (Available is many colors, click the photo to see more!)

5. Girls Sorel winter boots

Of course my daughter needs a new pair this year… she’s a growing girl! So naturally I got her a pair of olive green to match me!! 🙂


That concludes my recent purchases for the week, I’d love to hear of anything you think I should try for the next Random Current Product list!! Leave a comment and let me know!

In the meantime be sure to check out

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