I am a designer, an artist, I have my BFA in Fashion with a minor is Accessory design.  I currently create on-of-a-kind looks & garments for my customers, anything from a Christening gown to a Wedding gown… And ANYTHING in between!! Dance costumes, gymnastics leotards, completely rhinestoned shoes, Halloween costumes AND custom artwork & portraits.

BUT my main focus in life for the last 5 years has been my children! I have a 5 year old daughter & a 1 year old son.  Between their schedules & my custom orders I don’t have time to browse the mall… I barely have time to make myself presentable.  I thought, there must be other moms & other women out there that are pressed for time while shopping, be it online or in the store and they could benefit from my finds! It is time consuming & tedious to search through product reviews and never knowing what’s genuine & what’s posted by the seller… and it takes too long to post a Facebook status & wait for feedback from your friends.  So I decided to post my “styLISTS” here for you!

These are my Lists of things that I love.  Things that I feel are worth purchasing.  From beauty products to the latest dance shoes I just bought my daughter.  This is a blog of real-life fashion, real-life products for real-life people.  I may throw in a Luxury product list here and there, simply because it’s FUN for me to browse handbags with multiple thousand dollar price points… but the main focus of this blog is to show what everyday Mom’s use… not what celebrity mom’s use… which is shoved in our faces via every media outlet.

This is for YOU!

Thank you so much for continuing to visit my page, it means so much to me!!


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